Blackheath Montessori Centre

Independents Road, Blackheath

London, SE3 9LF

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Designed by Emma Skillen

A Montessori Classroom


Montessori Knobbed and Knobless Cylinders.

Practical Life

Montessori Pouring and Transferring.


Montessori Sandpaper Letters.

Understanding of the World

Montessori Globe of the Continents.


Montessori Cards and Counters.

There are certain key areas in a Montessori classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, Understanding of the World, Language, Numeracy. Practical Life offers children the opportunity to experience everyday skills such as cutting, pouring, threading and polishing, using child sized equipment. Sensorial Activities are designed to encourage and refine the senses: visual skills (grading and matching), listening skills (matching sound cylinders together) and so forth. The Understanding of the World materials present the child with an opportunity to discover the world, by learning about the continents, people and animals from around the world, and by celebrating festivals of different cultures. Early numeracy, arithmetic and literacy activities using sandpaper letters and numbers give a child the necessary concrete impressions and experiences to prepare them for later learning of writing, reading and arithmetic. We introduce reading using phonetic sounds and word blending at the appropriate stage for each child. 


The children are encouraged to choose their own activities in the classroom, which builds towards a sense of responsibility, independence and pride in their work. 

Blackheath Montessori Centre

Independents Road