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Extra-curricular activities we offer

Music, Dance and Sports

We are pleased to offer the children attending the Centre the opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities during their week, including music, dance and sports lessons, without an extra charge to parents.


We are very lucky to have Miss Eileen our dance and music teacher. She leads a weekly session in music on Mondays and dance on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings, during term time. The aim of the dance classes is fun, and to grow each child’s confidence and physical awareness. The children are introduced to dance vocabulary, learn how to move around, how to ‘stop’ on command; all whilst having lots of fun. Often props are involved in the lessons, such as fabric, hoops, and ribbons, to encourage and enhance imaginative movement and play.

The group music lessons are also lots of fun for the children. The sessions include a mixture of songs, structured activities, rhythmic games, and improvised materials. The children are encouraged to respond in their own way and to enjoy making music with others. We do not ‘teach’ music in the traditional sense, rather we use music to motivate and stimulate activity from which important skills will emerge.


We have French classes on Tuesdays, during term time, when a native French speaker from the popular local French school ‘Learn French with Alexa’ visits us. The children learn everyday words, play games, have storytelling sessions, and talk about French food, history, culture and art.

On Friday afternoons we have Sports Class with Mr Yanki. The children experience a wide range of different sports such as gymnastics, athletics, football, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket and much more. The children are exposed to new material consistently which aids in both their physical and mental development.

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