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Our Food Hygiene Rating is 5.

Nutrition and health Encouraging children to adopt a healthy lifestyle in our care will not only encourage the children to enjoy healthy foods from a young age, but also give them the advantage of health benefits that may not be as obvious. Meals are prepared on site by the Centre’s own cook, and daily menus are displayed on the notice board for parent/carer’s information. Vegetarian and dietary needs are happily catered for. Every day we offer a vegetarian option, and at least once a week all the children who attend for lunch eat a vegetarian meal. We vary our menus according to the season, and we use local suppliers for our fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. We follow advice given by The Children’s Food Trust, the NDNA, and London Borough of Lewisham when setting our menus, to ensure that we provide the healthiest and most appropriate food for our children. We encourage our children to eat food that reflects the cultures of children attending our nursery, as well as from other parts of the world.


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