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Admissions and fees


We have one intake each year in September, when we welcome children into the Centre who are aged two years and nine months or older. We invite parents to register their interest in a place as soon as possible. We have a limited number of guaranteed spaces on our Secure list each intake; after these have all been allocated, we offer the parents the opportunity to register on our Reserve list. Children registered on the Reserve list are not guaranteed to be offered a space; however, we do our best to offer something to those on the list. As parents are able to choose from a range of session options, it is not always possible for us to know how many spaces we will have each year; therefore, we recommend that parents register with us as soon as possible. Admission enquiries are by email only; please email with your enquiry.


We do not select children on any basis; our intake is based on spaces available, and the Centre being able to match parents’ session requirements.


In the year of entry, the Head of Centre will contact everyone on both the Secure and Reserve lists to confirm their interest in a place. Offers of entry are made by June each year. A deposit of four weeks’ fees is payable on acceptance of the place; the deposit is refunded as the child leaves the Centre. 


Fees are issued at the start of each term, and we rely on parents to pay their fees promptly to keep the nursery in good financial order. Parents have the option of paying their fees at the start of the term, or in monthly instalments on the first Friday of each month. As the nursery is a self-funding charity, it is vital to the running of the nursery that parents pay fees on a timely basis.


We accept Childcare Vouchers from a number of leading voucher companies, and we recommend parents find out from their employers whether they are able to pay all or part of their child’s fees using this system.


All children who attend our setting are currently eligible to claim the Early Years Entitlement of 15 free hours, in the term after the child’s third birthday. For more information about the Early Years Entitlement please speak to the Office Manager.


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